TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

The cover of this Notebook for BRITANICA EDUCATIONAL CENTRE is soft, leather-like book binding material which required a special way of production: we used hard-cover techniques (which are for normally used for cardboard) for the paper to keep the cover soft and smooth. The rounded edges of the cover are handmade.

Used techniques and materials: offset printing of the core, embossing on the cover, sewn thread, hard-cover bookbinding, rounded edges, gold-cutting on the edges, offset paper for the core and the end-paper, leather-like bookbinding material for the cover.

TEA_Design_2015-135.jpg TEA_Design_2015-137.jpg TEA_Design_2015-145.jpg TEA_Design_2015-140.jpg TEA_Design_2015-144.jpg TEA_Design_2015-142.jpg TEA_Design_2015-141.jpg TEA_Design_2015-139.jpg