TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

The book ‘Silent River’ by Eugenia Maximova is a personal and empathic turn on the tragic murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinowa.
The book has been offset-printed on Fedrigoni Tatami paper and features also different other papers, like colored uncoated paper for the texts and glossy coated cover for the screenshots. The cover is cloth-bound featuring a black print on the yellow cloth.

KPI8304.jpg KPI8320.jpg KPI8319.jpg KPI8317.jpg KPI8316.jpg KPI8315.jpg KPI8314.jpg KPI8313.jpg KPI8312.jpg KPI8311.jpg KPI8310.jpg KPI8309.jpg KPI8308.jpg KPI8307.jpg KPI8306.jpg KPI8305.jpg