TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

KLAUS PICHLER’s book “The Petunia Carnage” features a really special cover: basically, it is printed grey book cloth, but the title letters have been laser-burned into the cloth. Apart from the fact that this makes the edges of the writing really accurate, this technique adds a nice brown color in the burning area. The book features an orange colored appendix part, where a RAL color was printed on white paper before printing the BW images and text in order to ensure an accurate background color tone.

Used materials and techniques: offset printing of the core, cloth cover coating with color print, laser burning on the cover cloth. Fedrigoni Symbol Tatami 150 gr for the core, textile material Arkonia for the cover.

The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-001.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-015.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-006.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-024.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-022.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-020.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-018.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-016.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-014.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-013.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-012.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-008.jpg The-Petunia-Carnage_Book-004.jpg