TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

These folders for Book House – An exclusive Oxford University Press distributor for Bulgaria and Legera were probably harder to make than their appearance suggests: the relief of the cover was made by embossing the paper on the exact same spot where the print was located – which required some effort in testing. We took great care in packing and transporting this kind of folder since the empty folders are delicate and need to be protected from damage.

Used techniques and materials: one-color (Pantone) offset printing, die-cutting and folding, relief paper, 300 gr.

TEA_Design_2015-163.jpg TEA_Design_2015-166.jpg TEA_Design_2015-167.jpg TEA_Design_2015-168.jpg TEA_Design_2015-173.jpg TEA_Design_2015-174.jpg TEA_Design_2015-170.jpg TEA_Design_2015-172.jpg TEA_Design_2015-169.jpg