TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

The company presentation folders of Prista Oil Plc. consist of different paper types. Therefore we used different techniques to get the best out of every paper type. The pearl paper and silver paper had to be printed with digital printing in order to shorten the drying time of the ink.

Used techniques and materials: digital printing, transparent paper in the beginning,
“pearl“ paper for the core, silver paper for the body, hot-foil stamping on the cover,

TEA_Design_2015-055.jpg TEA_Design_2015-053.jpg TEA_Design_2015-052.jpg TEA_Design_2015-050.jpg TEA_Design_2015-047.jpg TEA_Design_2015-033.jpg TEA_Design_2015-035.jpg TEA_Design_2015-037.jpg TEA_Design_2015-043.jpg TEA_Design_2015-044.jpg TEA_Design_2015-040.jpg TEA_Design_2015-045.jpg TEA_Design_2015-039.jpg