TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

This notebook for PRISTA OIL PLC is a unique object since its bookbinding is a combination between hard-cover and spiral-binding. The embedded logo on the cover is made of metal folio with embossing and covered with Smola finishing.

Used techniques and materials: offset printing of the core and the map, spiral, embossing on the cover, offset paper for the core – Palatina 85 gr by Fabriano, cover made by thermo-active paper by Winter, flat sling.

TEA_Design_2015-227.jpg TEA_Design_2015-228.jpg TEA_Design_2015-231.jpg TEA_Design_2015-233.jpg TEA_Design_2015-246.jpg TEA_Design_2015-245.jpg TEA_Design_2015-244.jpg TEA_Design_2015-243.jpg TEA_Design_2015-242.jpg