TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

REGINA ANZENBERGER’s book “Shifting roots”, published by ANZENBERGER EDITION, is a photographic mediation on landscape. The book consists of an offset printed core with sewn thread binding. The cover binding is an elegant solution: two thick layers of grey cardboard are glued to the the bound core. This ensures maximum stability and also enables the book to lay extremely flat – perfect for single images which are printed on two pages. The book is protected by a printed and folded paper dust jacket.
There are several foldout pages in the core of the book, as well as a very thick end paper which connects the core to the cardboard cover.

Used materials and techniques: offset printing of the core, the foldouts and dust cover, screen printing technique on the cardborad cover, sewn thread, hard-cover bookbinding
Arctic Volume White 170 gr for the core and the foldouts, Chromolux carton for the dust cover.

KPI3471.jpg KPI3472.jpg KPI3473.jpg KPI3474.jpg KPI3487.jpg KPI3486.jpg KPI3485.jpg KPI3484.jpg KPI3483.jpg KPI3482.jpg KPI3481.jpg KPI3479.jpg KPI3477-2.jpg KPI3476.jpg KPI3475.jpg KPI3489.jpg KPI3497.jpg KPI3491.jpg KPI3495.jpg KPI3494.jpg KPI3493.jpg KPI3492.jpg