TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

Reiner Riedler’s photo book ‘End of the night’ has been photographed during the lockdowns of the Covid19- pandemic. It features the closed and empty night clubs of Vienna as well as a focus on the youth of Vienna and their ways of coping with the situation. It is an introspective yet very outgoing piece of photography.
The book is a soft-cover, offset-printed type of product, with an open book spine hidden in a double flap folding/binding. It also features some pages consisting of printed transparent paper.

KPI8278.jpg KPI8281.jpg KPI8283.jpg KPI8286.jpg KPI8302.jpg KPI8301.jpg KPI8300.jpg KPI8297.jpg KPI8294.jpg KPI8293.jpg KPI8292.jpg KPI8291.jpg KPI8289.jpg KPI8288.jpg KPI8285.jpg KPI8284.jpg