TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Dust” is an artistic photo book by Austrian photographer KLAUS PICHLER.
For the cover, we used a textile material which is normally used as a protection veil for Terrazzo floors and which was glued to the cardboard cover by hand. The writing was flocked on the cover material.
The core of the book (offset printing on uncoated paper) also contains some transparent paper pages which had to be printed separately.

TEAdesign_12.2015-17.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-18.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-20.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-19.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-22.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-23.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-24.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-28.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-27.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-26.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-25.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-21.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-30.jpg TEAdesign_12.2015-29.jpg