TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

KLAUS PICHLER’s new book “This will change your life forever” has a list of features which are quite unusual: First of all, the book features 16 pages of color paper inlays which were glued into the core by hand before the cover got glued to the cover. Besides that, the cover paper is Surbalin, a special synthetic paper with a opalesque finishing, which then goto printed with clear cyan ink. The book also features a 48 pages booklet made from recycling paper. The book and the booklet are combined in a cardboard folder with matte lamination and a velcro fastener.

Used materials and techniques: offset printing of the core and the booklet, laser printer for the inlay pages, sewn thread, hard-cover bookbinding, paper: Arctic Volume White 150 gr for the core, Cyclus 90gr recycling paper for the booklet, pastel copy paper 80gr for the inlays.

drucksorten-053.jpg drucksorten-060.jpg drucksorten-063.jpg drucksorten-067.jpg drucksorten-070.jpg drucksorten-072.jpg drucksorten-075.jpg drucksorten-077.jpg drucksorten-082.jpg drucksorten-083.jpg drucksorten-085.jpg drucksorten-087.jpg drucksorten-090.jpg drucksorten-096.jpg drucksorten-097-2.jpg drucksorten-101-2.jpg drucksorten-103-2.jpg drucksorten-104.jpg drucksorten-105-2.jpg drucksorten-106.jpg drucksorten-108.jpg drucksorten-110.jpg drucksorten-112.jpg drucksorten-115.jpg drucksorten-116-2.jpg