TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Kitchen stories from the Balkans” is a photo book by Bulgarian/Austrian photographer EUGENIA MAXIMOVA. She wanted to use different materials in order to connect the book design and haptic with the topic. The cover material (Senzo synthetic paper) was printed with foil inks and left for some weeks to dry completely. Once everything was dry, we put silk-lamination on the cover which makes the surface smooth.

Used techniques and materials: full-color offset printing Arctic Volume White 150 gr for the core, Senzo synthetic paper (from „Winter“) for the cover, sewn thread, hard cover book-binding, handmade covers with rounded edges.

KP3_5312.jpg TEA_Design_2015-064.jpg TEA_Design_2015-073.jpg TEA_Design_2015-077.jpg TEA_Design_2015-058.jpg TEA_Design_2015-079.jpg TEA_Design_2015-074.jpg TEA_Design_2015-071.jpg TEA_Design_2015-070.jpg TEA_Design_2015-069.jpg TEA_Design_2015-067.jpg TEA_Design_2015-066.jpg TEA_Design_2015-078.jpg TEA_Design_2015-080.jpg