TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

KRETA 2 is a collaborative publication by 11 photographers of the AnzenbergerMasterclass 2015/2016. They show photos of the “Kreta”, an urban block in Vienna. The publication is consisting of 11 offset printed booklets (one for each photographer) and delivered in a linen clothed and screenprinted cardboard folder.

Used materials and techniques: 12 Booklets, 17 x 24 cm, paper: Munken Polar 150g, full color offset printing, folded and stiched. Slipcase: 18 x 20 cm x 3,3 cm cupboard 2 mm clothed with Wicotex brillianta textile.

drucksorten-118.jpg drucksorten-119.jpg drucksorten-120.jpg drucksorten-121.jpg drucksorten-122.jpg drucksorten-123.jpg drucksorten-124.jpg drucksorten-125.jpg drucksorten-126.jpg drucksorten-127.jpg drucksorten-128.jpg drucksorten-129.jpg drucksorten-130.jpg drucksorten-131.jpg drucksorten-132.jpg drucksorten-133.jpg drucksorten-134.jpg drucksorten-135.jpg drucksorten-136.jpg drucksorten-137.jpg