TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Silence beyond the wall” is a photobook about noise-barriers and the surrounding landscape, published by THOMAS BUNDSCHUH. This book features a hand-glued leporello accordion folding core glued into a massive cardboard cover coated with blue linen fabric. The challenge with this kind of publications is to print the sheets of the core really accurate in order to make the glueing flaps almost invisible. The cover features a sticker, glued into an area which was lowered by embossing.

Used materials and techniques: offset printing of the core, leporello accordion binding, hardcover with linen coating and embossed area, printed sticker.

drucksorten-145.jpg drucksorten-146.jpg drucksorten-147.jpg drucksorten-148.jpg drucksorten-149.jpg drucksorten-150.jpg drucksorten-151.jpg drucksorten-152.jpg drucksorten-153.jpg drucksorten-154.jpg drucksorten-155.jpg drucksorten-156.jpg drucksorten-157.jpg drucksorten-158.jpg drucksorten-159.jpg drucksorten-160.jpg drucksorten-161.jpg drucksorten-162.jpg