TEA DESIGN, Sofia, Bulgaria

REINER RIEDLER’s book ‘Memory Diamonds’ is a small book with some hidden treasures. If you take the cover, it was made from glossy blue linen with glitter effects, then it has been screen printed with the diamond logo and embossed with the text.

KPI_4576-1.jpg KPI_4608.jpg KPI_4606.jpg KPI_4605.jpg KPI_4604.jpg KPI_4601.jpg KPI_4600.jpg KPI_4599-1.jpg KPI_4598.jpg KPI_4597-1.jpg KPI_4595-1.jpg KPI_4593-1.jpg KPI_4592-2.jpg KPI_4590-2.jpg KPI_4588-1.jpg KPI_4584-1.jpg KPI_4579.jpg KPI_4577-2.jpg